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Coach Ap\s Mentorship Program Mentors are an access point to us reaching new levels of success in life. Spirit put it on my heart to be an access point for the body of Christ through business by doing a 1 year mentorship for entrepreneurs.
Get ready to learn from my 20 + years of experience in internet business.
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SINGLE AND CULTIVATED CULTIVATED AND MARRIED The Holidays are about to be over, and we are standing on BUSINESS. We're about to enter into the New Year with New spiritual opportunites.

We've got a treat for y'all coming up. The owners of the Black Tube will be sharing their testimony with us about where the Lord brought them from and where He is taking them in the coming years.

Poilly A Elias will be joing us to also share the vision God gave her for His name to be glorified. ALL ARE INVITED on 13th January, 2024 to this networking event that will truly shift yor Spirit.

Successful Networking day ? Me, AP , Diva & Film Director Levi , meeting for the first time building business relationships 📈

Paparazzi take pics of Dangerus Diva and Coach Ap in Hollywood We haven't been on the Hollywood scene in a minute but the paparazzi love is still real #apndiva #dangerusdiva #soinlovefamily #theblacktube #ap1nabillion